Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I was going to go straight to D.C. from Pittsburgh, but I had to "procure" something in West Virginia, so against my better judgment, I crossed the Mason-Dixon line into the South, destination - Charleston. My first experience was an accidental tour by assistant Minority Whip of the Senate, Patti Schoen, who I parked behind as she was returning to session.

WV had just approved their state budget. She gave me a quick, but rich with description, tour of the grounds and capitol building. The best part was being reminded of where WV came from in the first place. When the South seceded there was no West Virginia. There's a real geological divide between this part of the country and what is now Virgina,
so when the residents of the area wanted out because they received little to no support from Richmond, Lincoln had a dilemma allowing a state to split when he was desperate to maintain the Union. This sculpture, Lincoln Walks at Midnight, with the President hunched over, a robe over his clothes, captures the moment.

These were signs around town.

Sing it West Virginia!

I misinterpreted this as a volunteer opportunity.

On the way down to Charleston I stopped at what was ranked in 2007 as the #1 ! party school in America, University of WV, in Morgantown. I was struck by two things ... it looked to me like everyone in town was a really big Wonder Woman fan, since the WV logo is CLEARLY a knock off of the WW symbol from the 1970s.

The other was that this is the location of the world's first personal rapid transit (PRT) ala The Jetsons circa 1975 (not Wonder Woman escape pods).


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  1. Love your blog! You write about the things I'm interested in, different things that show the character of a place. You have a new fan, me.