Friday, June 5, 2009


The name Roboburgh is not a creation of mine. Pittsburgh was given that moniker for reasons I'll reveal over the next few blogs.

I was very taken with Steel City and I don't even care about baseball, american football, or hockey, though the city was excitedly following their team, the Penguins, into the Stanley Cup, which as of this writing is tied 2 games to 2 against Detroit (the other city that should build robots to save its economy).

What I do care about is football (soccer), the beautiful game, and when I arrived in Pittsburgh, it was the final day of the season in England and I went to Piper's Pub to watch, though Arsenal wasn't one of the matches televised since there were three channels and three highly significant relegation matches happening (RIP Newcastle).

At the pub, I met a team who came over from Chicago to play a local team as a memorial for a mutual friend. They were missing a player, and I officially joined my third team while on the road. There was The Billionaire Bailouts (Tucson), Telecom (Bloomington), and Extra (Pittsburgh-Chicago). In the middle 40 minutes of the game it poured rain. It was a blast. We lost.

Arsenal won their match against Stoke City 4-1 so a happy ending to a forgettable season. That night I slept in Arsenal Park in Arsenal/Laurenceville neighborhood, one of many inspiring Pittsburgh hoods.

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