Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As a pre-Darwinian, Tom Jefferson was scientifically misguided when it came to ideas about Africans, he certainly thought slavery was an "abominable crime," a "moral depravity," a "hideous blot," and a "fatal stain," he was in fact an abolitionist, but he also thought that the African was less likely than the indigenous population to get with the American program, that they were an inferior species who though different, should nonetheless be free, then sent back to Africa.

Outside of that idiocy, he had some winning ideas that led to an inspirational governmental model and whose ambitions made sure, as Christopher Hitchens puts it, the United States didn't become a Chile-like sliver of land with the rest of the Americas being divvied up by the European giants. He is America's first nerd and I've always thought of him as my favorite official member of the FF.

My actual favorite was another Tom, whom this Tom was close buddies with till the end, but doesn't get into the pantheon. I'll do a blog about him in a few.

I was really looking forward to visiting Monticello, TJ's house that he designed and re-designed for 40+ years, to hang out there and write.

When I arrived, there were hundreds of philistines storming the place, it was about 92 degrees with 129% humidity, I couldn't find a good shady spot to park the boy in, and the coup de grace, TWENTY dollars to go inside. I immediately started devising the sneak-in plan, but my mood was shot, the Disneyfication sucking all the inspiration out of the place, and I went to UVA instead.

This is the rotunda at the center of the Thomas Jefferson designed University of Virginia.

Inside, I asked what was original, and they said, the floor.

This is a statue out front, with Jefferson standing on the heads of his great ideas (always in the form of hot, winged chicks obviously).

Here's the best one, the Hot Chick of Religious Freedom.


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  1. Hot Chicks of Religious Freedom are, indeed, much prettier than their counterpart gothic-cathedral Ugly-Gargoyle Chicks of Religious Oppression. Though obviously the winged factor is still high for both.