Monday, June 22, 2009


In 1607, colonists landed here to found a new colony for England. When I got here, my first thought was, why? The area is a muddy pit with sweltering, humid heat, and insatiably curious bugs. Just get back on the boat and keep lookin.

Their reasoning was that the location, up the James river a bit, concealed them from other nations hunting for new lands to claim. Also, the weather and water were very pleasant at first. Then summer brought the salt water in and life got tough. A small percentage of the original landing party survived and for decades the mortality rate was shockingly high.

They built this fort (destroyed and covered with earth, and currently an active archaeological site - they have a few recreations on the site) to fend off the local indians, including America's first babe, Pocahontas. One of my favorite cinematic experiences ever, The New World, does a beautiful job of illustrating the story. The film is shot as if from the perspective of the landscape, and is the closest I've ever seen film come to portraying the Psilocybin mushroom experience. (warning - everone tells me they hate the film and that it's too sllllooooowwww)

This is how the world stacked up according to England at this point ...

And so it began ...

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