Monday, May 25, 2009


A simpler time. When horses were 32 x 32 pixels. I was blasting by this on the freeway and didn't get a great shot but the early Atari graphics image against the archetypal rural scene was beautiful.

This is us on the way to Detroit - first time in new state - Michigan! Not sure if the King has been here before during his days as a young show beast. He slept through it anyway.

A million years ago, I started some oil painting portraits of my favorite bad guys, a series I called Notable Villains. It included infamous nutjobs like Hegel, BF Skinner, Herbert Spencer, Ayn Rand, I had a long list and the guy at the pinnacle of this ensemble of world-changing rapscallions was the guy who I guarantee will be the Zeus in the pantheon of robot gods, if not The Man, if they go monotheist (terrible idea), the inimitable Henry Ford.

There were two reasons I wanted to visit Detroit (three if it were the 1960s), the supposed regeneration of nature in place of urbanity and the factory where Henry Ford first #*&%ed the world (and Motown Records if it were the 1960s). Yes, I hate cars (and love them)(BMW 507 please *stephen colbert grabby hands), but that wasn't really what Ford created. Europeans did that. What He did was create the assembly line. He did so in this factory where the first Model Ts rolled off the line. Other curiosities about the guy - the only non-German to get the highest award from the Nazis. He was Hitler's hero. Seriously. Adolf had a giant poster of him in his office. The guy was just a serious worker and hated things that got in the way of efficiency, like unions, nature, and jews.

Detroit was CRAZY, I liked it, it was like driving in Rio, but I quickly moved on after spending the night here in Greektown (highly efficient place for camping, casino parking garages).


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