Friday, May 22, 2009


According to the city, Columbus, Indiana ranks as #6 (that's FIVE, SIX, SEVEN) in Architectural innovation of all U.S. cities, including Chicago, New York, D.C. et al.

Prof.B., K, me, A, and her two friends, S and M, drove the hour out east to take a tour and see for ourselves what this was all about. Turns out the city is lousy with master modern work by the likes of IM PEI, EERO SAARINEN, RICHARD MEIER, and many more.

I was most taken with the schools, the POD system pictured above (my blue grass), and went especially crazy for this one though I'm still not sure why. On the front door of every classroom is a porthole window at the height level of the corresponding grade.

This was the first stop on the tour, a few steps from the Visitors Center, a Henry Moore arch in front of an IM PEI um... Library? I've already forgotten there were so many buildings on the tour. Across the street is the building that started it all in this town, in the 40s, Eero Saarinen's dad's Modernist Christian Church. Have a look at the full set of photos at ( ) including this scrumptious morsel ...

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