Thursday, May 28, 2009


I can still remember smiling nervously when I first learned why girls seemed to love the video game Centipede (back in the late 70s and very early 80s - (trackball photo from net)).

What I didn't remember was all the AWESOME games there were back then until I wandered into this nest of geeks, the CCAG ( the Classic Console and Arcade Gaming show) near the NASA's Glenn Research Center, which I really wanted to see, outside Cleveland.

Remember these? Ever heard of them? Atari 2600 anyone?

Stunt Cycle, one of the six stand-ups brought to the show (no quarters necessary), is the earliest game I can remember playing - Don Carter's Bowling Alley, Miami, FLA, circa 1976, desperately trying to avoid the family bowling team.

The show was at this American Legion outpost.

The area still looked pretty much like this.

And this other photo on the wall made all the avoidance and escapist behavior of the celebrants feel tragic in a new way.

Back across Cleveland, in a neighborhood called Collinwood, I came across some great music ( Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival pictured here playing outside Beachland).

I highly recommend the stores Music Saves and Black Arrow (pictured here). Say hello from Hoboxia.

And so I left Cleveland, many amazing neighborhoods, people, and sights.


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