Wednesday, May 6, 2009


One of the things P.B. and I wanted to do in Cincinnati was break into the abandoned subway tunnels, naturally. Construction stopped in 1925 after 7 miles had been completed. We didn't have much time, so the hunt was called off early, but the story and pictures from those who have braved the do not enter signs is fascinating. Here's a link about it.

This guy was our lookout while we hunted for the entrance tunnels.

Here is a pair of robots stuck into the ground, pretending to be a building.

This building was along a street full of innovative architecture, but this one was especially stare worthy. It's the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies, part of the University of Cincinnati. There's not a single 90-degree angle on or in the whole place. Turns out it's by Frank Gehry, naturally.

Next on the fascinating design tour, we found this Popeye's chicken with off-model coloration. P.B. said, "Is it just me or does that Popeye's sign look like a Snickers Bar?" To which I replied, "Chocolate Chicken!" To which he immediately got to work on a top secret Chocolate Fried Chicken recipe.

Staying on the food theme, we began noticing that there's a number of chili restaurants in town, including some chains. We found a place called Skyline near this statue and tried the local fare. Not bad, but you have to use the hot sauce.

And no tour of Cincinnati by a couple of artnerds™ can be complete without stopping by the Hall of Justice. It turns out that Hanna Barbera did a lot of business in Cincinnati and one of their artists in charge of backgrounds was told to create a headquarters for the Superfriends that radiated power and he lifted the design almost exactly from Cincinnati's Union Terminal.

As we approached the building, P.B. couldn't remember the building's name and called it this :

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