Friday, April 24, 2009


So there is a huge drug problem here and the city has staged a zero tolerance operation.

All of the city parks, like this fun one pictured here, are in fact collection zones where kids are captured for interrogation.

This is the first place where questioning takes place and continues for several weeks.

Here is where the kids are held in the meantime. I took this from one of the trucks delivering new kids (why the gate is open).

This is another view of their barracks.

Those who do not properly satisfy the questioners go here.

And this is where the bodies often end up.

1. real shoes, but is this a symbol for anything anymore ?
2. real park, looked really fun!
3. Bloomington City Hall
4. real kids playing in some abandoned factory
5. another view of that factory
6. Carlisle - major industry and job provider in town
7. pretty

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