Thursday, April 2, 2009


Having neither gambled in the Midwest, nor been on a Mississippi riverboat, I took the opportunity to do both as I came into mighty St. Louis.

The waterfront area is riddled with casinos, aquatic and terrestrial, I suppose the zoning laws have gone a bit lax.

Midwest Honesty Ex. 1 - A woman asked to see my driver's license and refused to believe it was me in the photo. I explained it was taken about 15 years ago, but she just kept smiling and shaking her head. I asked her which me she preferred and she said the one in the ID.

A couple blocks downriver, there was an industrial wasteland, exquisite, but as dirty and downtrodden as it gets for an old U.S. city yet there was an environmentally themed riverwalk. It was fantastic, but seemed more like a walk through a Manchester, England that had been abandoned by people and visited by Art Deco-loving Hobbits.