Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have been writing my brains out (I have three tiny brains) and thereby slacking in my blog duties. I am currently in the Hoosier State (Indiana) which means I am in a place where no one knows what their state nickname means. Specifically, I'm in Bloomington, where I house-sit for a dear old friend, a Professor of Education at the local schoolhouse.

I'll be taking you on a tour of this college town in case you're thinking of attending but mainly because I'll be here for a little while. The closest thing to a city near here is Indianapolis, which was ranked the cheapest place to live in the country (they might have called it the most affordable) by CNN Money, and I'll give you some peeks at that place too. Maybe even Hindustan if you're lucky, which is quite near here.

I've joined a local soccer team, Telecom, and we play Thursday nights, so I'll update you on my health problems assuming I can move my limbs Friday.

And I will report the state of the King, who shares a two bedroom townhouse with two young girls. Look forward to a blog at least thrice a week or my fake Missouri daughter Aliesha will be very disappointed. And I can't have that.

Here is the trip so far in total. I'll be continuing east, and if you have any suggested routes, destinations, or couches you'd like me and Solomon to visit, get in touch or leave a comment.

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  1. Yeahh, a new post! Good work on finding a fake Missourian daughter, a soccer team, and writing; in that order. Should the need arise I have family, with couches, in Ann Arbor, MI; Tallahassee, FL; and Roanoke, VA. By the way, are you driving an Etch-a-Sketch across America?