Sunday, April 5, 2009


I named an avatar Arrow Saarinen because I wanted to build a Philosophy Academy in Second Life (I am the life of parties too!). In Second Life you have to choose from a list of preset surnames, Saarinen being one of them. Eero, the most famous Saarinen, could not be selected - like if Einstein was one, you couldn't be Albert. I enjoy Eero's work so much that while standing here, under his Gateway Arch that he designed, I totally spaced that it was his. I think it's because I was distracted by the symbol of the thing.

Clearly it symbolizes a giant magnet that an alien is using to pull the Earth towards a better galaxy. That, or something about the spirit of westward expansion and the role St. Louis played in that. Going with the second notion, I get further distracted by this insane group of guys from mid-19th century St. Louis, who I think of as leaving behind a spectral arch that Eero just copied on top of, the American Hegelians, who thought that the World Spirit was moving west across the United States.

St. Louis has a wildly rich history from dinosaurs to early settlers to the Spanish to the French to Thomas Jefferson's mega-discount-purchase and the arch today seems like a bizarre piece of modern art in front of a mega-corp, only all the big companies have left St. Louis and it's rotting from the inside out.

So we continued our retreat from the west by going postmodernly back through the arch towards who knows where.

More Un-American news: Three key Arsenal players were back from injury for Saturday's match against Manchester City and the team were once again a pleasure to behold, Adebayor scoring a brace in a 2-0 victory.


  1. Is that yellow thing with a glowing orb used for telling your fortune? Or are you going to tumble over Niagara Falls in it?

  2. That yellow thing is a time machine that got extracted from the Arch in 1968, but everyone inside was dead, except for a small girl, who grew up to be ...