Sunday, March 1, 2009


ok, first off, this blog will become less cat-centric as the days go by, do not worry. I'm still in awe of how Solomon has taken to this. That being said ...
It wasn't hot at all, why is he in the shade?

This has been our favorite spot by far for setting up home, a little peak called Pichacho about 30 miles west of Tucson. It's a State Park where they wanted to charge $6 just to drive in and take a photo so I drove around back and climbed the thing and got some snaps. Impossible to see in this photo, but the sight of Hobox (the car) that far away with Solomon in it and a cool green desert surrounding him was really something. The iphone camera is great but not that great. Wish I could have left him outside while I went up. I actually got about 30 minutes of work done up there.

We decided to continue to check out Tucson and it's Natl Forest, Coronado, assuming it would just be getting more and more stunning.

It was certainly beautiful, but no non-fee car camping anywhere, worse than the last two. Went all the way up (because it was there) also the town Summerhaven rested on top, which was the same size map font as Tucson, so I was very curious. Turned out to be about two dozen giant wood homes and seven civic buildings and shops.

This is Solomon gobsmacked by the sight of snow while on the dash trying to drive Hobox.

We're concocting a new plan, and currently write this from the middle of Tucson. I was able to catch the last ten minutes of an adult co-ed soccer game on my way back into town and asked about any old man games and everyone was very friendly. Tucson seems like one big Head Shop, great weird town. May try to stick around a bit, but Krazy Kat Forest is calling (extra points for whoever knows where I'm talking about).



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