Saturday, March 21, 2009


This is where we woke after the night of horrors. It was pitch black and I decided to just go straight over to a familiar city in New Mexico and Taos was the closest one. This was a rest area a few miles from town and when I woke, I was shocked to see we were a hundred feet from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

When we left off last time, what I saw was a herd of Elk who were completely unimpressed with the ton of metal hurtling 50mph at them over the otherwise lonely mountain road. It would have been game over for Hobox and most likely Solomon. For the rest of the journey I was dodging deer, coyote, and gopher-esque creatures.

Next day, we blew through Taos, not terribly inspiring, and I decided to go into Colorado and have a little cheap motel rest, clean Hobox out, have a few showers. Cheap motels are also a favorite place of mine to work.

This was the view towards the Rockies on the way into Colorado City, small town south of small city Pueblo, CO.

A little background on the reason for this locale. I am of the video game generation, from the archaic Pong to the side-scrolling wonder, Mario Brothers, and though I enjoyed them and was fanatical about Asteroids at the local bowling alley, I never got into the consoles that followed. I make a better game voyeur. I wrote and designed them briefly in the 90s, and I think they are a powerful medium for any number of positive or negative ends. For the last couple decades there have only been two games I played with any real interest, and one of them, GTA, I play the way I'm currently driving around the country. The similarity is eerie in fact (I do not spend time stealing cars or killing prostitutes, I played GTA like an urban planner who occasionally likes to get the police on his tail). The other game is something called Galcon and is a game of inspired genius. I think of it as a dynamic modeling for studying the role of power in resource competition. I can't recommend it enough. I won't explain the gameplay except to mention that chat is built into it and as with any social game, you make new acquaintances, the game is global and I chat with Argentina, Kuala Lumpur, Poland, and Missouri every game. Colorado City is the home of the creator of Galcon and his wife, a bad ass player herself, who has horses, a cat called Cat, and a magical goat called Cuzco. Solomon had the pleasure of meeting him (photos on the way).

They took me to a local, crazy wonderful place built by one person who started in 1965, fighting the government the whole way, Bishop Castle. There are much better images if you do a google search. The topmost spire's platform was not built for those over 6' but still worth the death-defying feeling going up there. The Galcon folks were generous and sweet and fun. We watched Buster Keaton, ate waffles, and walked Cuzco around the lake. Oh, and Happy Birthday, ***.

Then it was time to get Solomon some supplies and for me to watch Arsenal, and I couldn't find any city in Colorado other than Denver who played live games, so north we went. I've been working a lot lately fortunately and though the beautiful Rockies beckoned, I had to fight off the sight-seeing for now. We slept here in front of Union Station and watched the game today at Fado's Irish pub where the Six Nations Rugby tournament was dominating the screens so they put us football people outside. We'll be in Denver and Boulder for a bit, working, but I'll try to share any exciting discoveries.

Until next time ...

Solomon Fink Pin-Up #4 (oil change)

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