Monday, March 16, 2009


Seems like many lifetimes have passed since my last post. I meant to get this up for the Ides of March with the first Hoboxia short film (which the above image is a still from) but my Final Cut Pro is missing. Coming soon.

Sedona, sedona, sedona. Absolutely spectacular, an endless visual feast. Alas, I had to leave there a bit sooner than anticipated. This is not just because I was woken at 2:00am by flashlight wielding police officers who, based on my guttural scream of "No!" after they hit the window and woke me up, either instantly poured emphathy over my obvious harmless and gentle nature or tried the best they could to hold back a deep laugh. While I crawled to the driver's seat to retrieve my license with an embarrassed smirk, the guy was extremely helpful trying to suggest a place just outside of town that is fine for sleeping in one's car, a city ordinance no-no in Sedona. No it was not that traumatization, nor the strange magnetic forces, or even the UFOs, but something far more mundane that I shant mention here! No, there were no crimes committed. No!!!!! (maybe I thought I was being abducted?) And inexplicably, Solomon slept through the entire event.

Really what happened was that I thought hey, Flagstaff is just right up there and since I can't park and sleep in Sedona, I'll explore the miles between there and Flag (as they call it where I am now). By the time I got to Flagstaff, I had the moving-on instinct and just kept going.

So I went to the Moon:

It was a bit of a circuitous route getting there, so let me back up. I looked at a map in Flagstaff and had to make a decision of middle or south US from there with an April destination of Indiana. I couldn't go too far north into Utah on account uh my feline, but I did notice that Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park were really close. So I headed thataway. While on highway 89, I had to make another decision, veer off west towards those parks or check out this massive body of water on the map, especially since my Sedona water experience was slight to none. Oh, by the way, I had reported sleeping near that stream I posted before but then found this easy spot behind a closed realty agency on a great hill in Sedona that seemed totally hidden. After the authorities reminded me there are no uncharted places, I did sleep near that stream with no problems. But it was yet another turn off which is no place to be for more than a day.

Northern Arizona is also amazing, in the distance you see the poor man's view of the Grand Canyon, which is called some other canyon at this point in the crevice. The scale out here is hard to grasp. This was around where I had to decide which way to go. I asked this flower (Sedona ritual). Water won and I made my way towards a town called Page, auspicious for a few reasons.

I will continue tomorrow with this area and my many discoveries ... until then ...

SOLOMON FINK - PIN-UP #2 (just before Flagstaff)


  1. This one is a beaut. Solomon on ice. How is that cat car travel going?

  2. Next blog will explore that theme! It was 28 degrees last night.