Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Master Estate - Tucson

Sunday night. This was a huge walmart but there were none of those RVs and 18 wheelers the brochures promised me I could hid amongst. Worked anyway, a little nervous from roving security but no worries. Still working out sleeping through the night. I'll share details later.

Monday. Worked outside Tohono Chul State Park (more fees but impenetrable).

Was touring a new neighborhood and saw a sign for Biosphere 2 so I of course had to check it out...
This was as close as I got - they wanted $20 for entrance and it was a forced tour only. I suppose my hopes of pressing my face against the glass to see naked terranauts for free was too much to hope for. Also, what the hell? --

And finally, we found a fantastic new home - in fact we're squatting WAY ahead of time - in a planned community that has yet to break ground. Stunning views and conveniently located :

Do not try to sneak up on me, we are heavily armed with guards posted behind several cacti. As with all new sleep spots, the first night (last night) is tentative, but with a bright moon and such an absurdly easy yet totally hidden spot, the only worry was someone from the construction company doing a tour or clever kids looking for a party spot -- that was until the sounds! Around midnight, we heard the most bizarre barking noises. I thought it was coyote or small dogs just baying, but they sounded like a sped up version of the four-headed Blue Meanie dog. the last thing you want when you're squatting prematurely is to be attacked by Blue Meanies. My second thought was that they were land piranha desperate to attack and devour us. In the morning, having survived, it occurred to me it was really strange bird sounds. But most likely dogs.

Tuesday. Worked all day various locations.
Tonight I'll use the cat cage to try and identify the noise!



  1. As you probably noticed, I am now one of your followers! And no need to reduce the cat stuff!

  2. Also we want to know what are you eating?

  3. Hey Sanjay, thanks for commenting. Firefox wasn't letting me post comments, but Safari seems fine. I have a modest food budget, but I took a stove and a lot of dry foods, water, and the like.