Thursday, March 26, 2009

HOBOX TOUR - PART TWO: the bed, OR Springtime in Colorado

I've been skiing plenty of times, been in snow a lot, but having grown up in Miami and living the other half of my life in Los Angeles, I've never greeted the day in a quaint little town to a foot of snow. It was sunny yesterday, the weather report said it would be colder, but I had no idea. I woke early and was working for a while when Solomon bothered me to look out the window, so I open the blinds and POW! SNOWBOX! Clearly I was rooming next to Persephone (making the devil baby-faced).

Since this feature is about the Hobox bed, I imagined what it would have been like to wake up as usual inside there, total darkness, probably a nice warm igloo effect, and utter panic.

The bed is extremely simple, and can be taken out and put back in securely within a minute. Originally Dean (the co-designer) and I were going to run the base of the bed with leg support all the way to the middle of the passenger seat, but the seat is secure enough to act as it's own base and I still get a normal car if I want. So we got a 2' x 6' nice sheet of pine, stapled a yoga mat on it, then wrapped and stapled down this fabric. Then I put a bizarrely comfortable REI sleep pad over the whole thing and I get almost 8 FEET of sleeping space with room for Solomon's bed at the far end. The legs are 10" pipe with flanges bolted to the underside and free standing on the bottom. Element's aren't completely level from backdoor to the front seats, so I bought 6 rubber coasters and put them under the front legs. Then a short piece of 2' x 4' near the middle under the bed with an eye hook and a cinch between that and the metal support bar for the back seats (which are in a closet in Los Angeles) and the bed is as secure as anything. I can leap onto the bed from outside though I do not.

Next up - HOBOX TOUR Part 3 - the Vanilla Box and Nighttime

Here's a little tableau from my morning snow walk ...

and back to business, Solomon Fink Pin-Up #6 :

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  1. Hey Fink,

    Bridget and I are blown away with your grand adventure and are anxiously following your whereabouts on the blog. Keep up the great and often amusing narration. Say hi to Solomon for us and stay safe. By the way, I get nervous FLYING over the four corners.