Friday, March 27, 2009


It may be my cookie disease but whenever I see the logo on my YAKIMA roof box, I see VANILLA. I don't like vanilla cookies, so perhaps it's one of my other diseases. The roofbox was a last minute addition to the adventure and an invaluable one. There's 16 cubic feet in there and it's full. All the stuff used to be inside Hobox - no fun at all.

I can't reveal all of the mysteries of the Vanilla Box, but here are some of the contents:

And then there's nighttime. When in urban settings, it takes a bit of planning to get into warm sleeping clothes, brushing teeth, and related activities. When away from nervous eyes, I can deploy the curtains, originally designed to keep Solomon cool inside the car when I'm off galavanting in the brutal sunlight.

Their better use has come as light reflectors for working in the car at night. A bit of velcro on the car and curtains, and instant bright room.


This is the hot neighbor's cat, cruelly named Tobias for a coloration that paints a permanent pair of cutoffs on his leg. He and Solomon had a stare off when they met.

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